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Traffic 'round these parts dropped off pretty dramatically a few weeks ago... hard to tell from the "I rode today" thread who's still riding, as one would have to conclude that Gene is the only one out there most days by reading it....

Who's sticking it out and plans to continue to ride pretty much every day regardless of weather?

(Was winter 2013;   2014 starts on p. 36;   2015 starts on p. 61)


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I got 2 new ones, as the ones I used for the last two years were pretty worn out. I have a "beater" bike that I put the studs on, so I can switch between studs and no studs until the winter really gets going.


Nançois 8.5 said:

My studded tires just arrived yesterday. Looking forward to trying them out in a month or so!

Let's see if the *bike lanes* get plowed this winter!


h' 1.0 said:

I'm hoping we have snow removal this winter.

Wait, streets and sans said that is for snow storage and force the need for dibs?

I am happy that we only have one car which means I don't have to dig my street out as much to avoid people throwing their garbage in the street for "dibs".  Plus I get indoor parking :D

Steve Weeks said:

Let's see if the *bike lanes* get plowed this winter!


h' 1.0 said:

I'm hoping we have snow removal this winter.

Chris, are you wearing gym shorts or something of more substance?  I usually just wear some neoprene tights on the cold days, haven't had need for anything more yet but curious to know what others do since my legs don't get cold easy, and don't bother me as much when they do.

Chris LaFrombois (8.5 mi - o.w.) said:

Shorts are still where it's at! I ride shorts down to 34 degrees and then it's just a base layer tights under shorts down to about 5-10 degrees. Anything below 5 degrees then I put on the top-layer windbreak pants.

If I can get the funds together I'm getting a Fat Bike!
No excuses!!!!
This way I can ride that year round and build up endurance!
And when I go for rides on my road bike it will be like night and day!

Bought a beater bike (Giant Option - tank!) summer before last and have now built it all the way up. Studded tires have arrived so I am pumped to ride this winter. When is a good time to put the studs on? Thinking some time after turkey day...

I used to switch over to studs on the long Thanksgiving weekend. It has worked out most of the time over the years. Now I have an old bike that I equip with studded tires so I can adapt to the weather to some extent. I still think the end of November is a reasonable time to make the switch if only one bike is involved.


Glenn Bradford said:

...Thinking some time after turkey day...

I didn't see anyone this morning on a bike...Seemed a little weird. But in all fairness, I was dressed up in a lion costume, so not seeing people was probably the least weird thing this morning.

I decided I did not want to ride into 30 mph winds gusting over 40 on the way home, so I took the subway.  Saw several people riding on Milwaukee, though.

I did but should have worn some gloves today

Between snow flying and construction on a key street near home, I decided to leave the bike at home today.

I wore the gloves. I braved the snow. I blasted into the wind.

And all so Rob and I can wear our Devo costumes at Critical Mass tonight!



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