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Hey all,

We are a new group on the chainlink and are dedicated to promoting awareness and educating the City of Chicago to the dangers of car doors.  Cyclists, drivers, tourists, children and pedestrians all play a part in making our city streets safe against Dooring crashes.  Our mission is reaching out to everyone to prevent Dooring crashes and fatalities.

As we start creating fliers and informative brochures we are working on a group slogan.  For this we need your help.

We will be accepting your ideas here in the form of your replies.  You have until November 17th @midnight to post your slogan for our group here.  Once all ideas have been compiled our group will pick the top 6 to be entered in a SurveyMonkey.  This will be posted on the chainlink forum on November 25th.   On December 2nd the slogan receiving the most votes will be announced and the winner will be notified on how to go about receiving their Keen shoes gift certificate ( )!

We 'Look' forward to your ideas and can't wait to see what y'all come up with!

Thank you from Look Chicago!

If you have any questions about this feel free to post them here.

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Don't door us! Look before you open it.

Doors can be deadly.  Look before you open it.

Look for bicyclists. It's the law. It's their lives.  (Or look for cyclists)

Keep cyclists safe.  Look before you leave. 

Take a second to save a life. Check your mirror before you open the door.

Don't open the door to hell.  (just kidding on that one)

Look Before You Open: My Life Hinges On It


We're Adorable, Not Door-Able


If You Door Me, I'm Coming After You With a U-Lock and It Won't Be Pretty


Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: Just don't open it in my face...


You make me dour when you door


I said "door mat", NOT "door me"


Be a Dear, Don't Door


Dooring Is Dire

I Dare You Not to Door Me



See more, look before you door!

Check more..."

Be more..."
Save more..."
Save lives, look before you drive
Look before you book

An oldie, but still a must-read for anyone considering using visual media for messaging with no formal background in marketing/advertising:

Don't Come to a Dead Stop.  Ride Out of the Door Zone.

Door Zone=Dead Zone

If You Can Touch a Parked Car As You Pass, You're Riding in the Door Zone

Stay Alive--Ride Out of the Door Zone

(The consequences of dooring are asymmetrical: for a motorist, a dooring is inconvenient, while for the cyclist it's life or death.  Therefore, no matter how much we educate motorists about dooring--it will never be as vital a concern as it is to cyclists.  Maybe we should expend at least half our energy in educating cyclists to not put themselves in a position to be doored, as a more effective and efficient strategy.  Easier said than done.)


Later entries that didn't make it into the Google Doc "Slogan Ideas" attached.


How about the phrase "Take a Look" accompanied by a nice rearview mirror graphic?

(The two 'O's in 'look' being eyes, natch.)

Sorry I'm late. :(


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