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Why is there so much negativity in this space?  Am I just totally out of touch with reality, or are the forum rules totally disregarded with unpleasant attacks being the norm?  It seems like no-one can get involved, or ask a question without a gang of trolls jumping in and hijacking the thread.

I feel like I am partially responsible because I haven't been doing this enough but we should all be emailing the moderator more often:

The forum rules are very clearly posted and I feel like there is a group of posters whom should clearly be warned or booted due to their disagreeable style of discourse.

I feel like our community deserves better.


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Oh my God!!!!

This guy wants people to be nice!!!

What a bully!

He's provoking us!!!

Let's call him out!  We don't need anymore kindness or goodwill!

The world sucks so we have to be mean!!!

Doesn't he understand????

He is just gonna die if he ever really talks to a people!

is it possible for the person who started a thread to also be the one to derail it? :-)
Big Derailleurtm!

Gabe said:
is it possible for the person who started a thread to also be the one to derail it? :-)
The truth will set you free. Flamers and Trolls beware: I made my point and I'll reply with dead air. Feb 15

In what world do bullies want to be ignored?  Bullies want attention and to show that they are getting under a persons skin; if not for YOUR response this thread would be dead.


Every single person here who has met me can, and will, tell you I am exactly the same in person.  I am not afraid and I am a helpful and caring person; I just subscribe to a different social contract than you do.


I'm always more then happy to meet people and have fun but if you hug me there will be violence.  Gabe is the only one from here allowed to hug me and is only because what he does if I don't let him is soooo much more upsetting than a hug...


jlj said:

Being thin-skinned I have dealt with people like the bullies on this forum for my whole life.  Why do I bitch about them?  Because I know that ignoring a bully is exactly what they want.  I know that bullying is a response to being scared and feeling that unless everybody else is scared that they might notice that there is something wrong with you. 


I like this site because it gives me an opportunity to show you how "thin skinned" I am in real life.  I can look at your events and visit.  I can meet you eye to eye and talk to you without the anonymity of this board.


I hope I can help you realize that you do not need to be afraid.  That you can be a nice person and that there are people out there who care, even though they don't know you and you have given them every reason to dislike you.


I'll be coming for you.  I will be hugging you.  I will be smiling at you and talking to you.  I will destroy your cruelty with my kindness.  I can't wait.


I am John Jensen and I believe that we can be better monkeys.  The Chainlink, the bicycling community, Chicago and the world deserve it.  You deserve it.  It'll feel goooooooooooooood.



Dude i have a big goofy grin and actually laughed out loud. love ya dude! :-)
It makes me nervous when you grin...

Gabe said:
Dude i have a big goofy grin and actually laughed out loud. love ya dude! :-)
as it should :-)
I've never been too comfortable with hugging.  It's not so much the touching as it is the squeezing and me having gas.  People usually don't hug me twice -or at least not so hard the next time.
I'll end this discussion...underground windmills.  Done.



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