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Nobody, apparently.  Tonight I saw two teens riding (fast) the wrong way on a one-way street, blowing through a 4-way stop just as a driver (who had already stopped) was entering the intersection.  The driver must have been terrified.  One of the kids yelled some obscenities.

Parents, if you want your kids to survive, please make them understand that not everyone will always be able to protect them from their own stupidity.  The real world is not just Nerf balls.  The real world has some sharp metal edges.

And get off my lawn...

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Unfortunately, kids need to get experience driving a car, so that they get real-world, practical experience in the "Rules of the Road" and not just book-learning about it.

With few exceptions (sadly, I'm not among those), people never learn from somebody else's mistakes, and often even from their own.

Nor they are, it seems, able to transfer their own experience as drivers to different environment. My guess is, almost every user of the LFT is a driver. Haven't they heard, for example, of something like "slow traffic keep right"?

Probably all people that arrive to the LaSalle Metra every morning drive to the train, and yet they cross Van Buren like cars don't even exist.

So there.

Many kids grew up learning that every time they fall, someone will be there to catch them. Sometimes by the time the learn, it's the hard way, and it's too late.

The behavior of "those kids" was poor. I wouldn't be so fast to ascribe it to the parents. The bicycles were not the issue but the age was. There is a point in life where very little gets through the teen aged brain. It is as if the cranium develops an extra layer to block out the common sense signals flagged by parents, teachers and others. If only that extra layer served to protect said youngsters from the risks they encounter. Most, but not all, survive these years and can be seen later in life stopping at stop signs and holding down jobs. They may have been taught how to ride but those  lessons were jettisoned for the rebellion commonly called adolescence.  Mom and dad are at home praying sonny will return in one piece and hoping that the ringing on the telephone is not another call from the Dean's office.

Jeff must not have kids or be around them much.  He seems to think that they are programmable robots.  They aren't.  They are inexperienced human beings.  Try to think of decisions you made in your developmental years.

And what a groundbreaking observance.  Teenagers not following rules and using profanity?  I've never seen anything like it!

Again, this is a tough one. There are times when we see behavior in young people and can see the same anti social behavior as adults. However, there are a lot of things kids really do grow out of. I think I was a pretty obnoxious and inconsiderate person when i was much younger and think I have grown out of...most...of that.  There is still hope. I guess I am saying your observations are accurate. You saw what you saw. However, people do grow. twenty years from now that same punk may be sitting at an intersection shaking his head watching some fool blow a stop sign.

Still, I sympathize.  This could have been a tragedy and there could have been injuries or worse. Having survived the experience we can only hope the light goes on and one or both of the kids  can avoid doing this again. 

Just awful when you witness this - a danger to themselves and disrespectful. Sad.


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