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Hello Chainlink community! 

At BYCS, we strongly believe that advancing cycling is the key to healthier, safer and greener cities. From our office in Amsterdam, we’ve been building an international community of leaders that are accelerating change in their respective cities around this shared belief. Together, they form the Global Bicycle Mayor Network

One of our strategic aims for this year is to grow our network of Bicycle Mayors in the Americas. We are looking to elect individuals who can be a representative face and voice of cycling progress in their city, and as an organisation strive to amplify these voices and coordinate a united international movement towards more bike-centric cities.

I would love to hear suggestions and thoughts from this community on who would be a good fit for this role in Chicago? 

Some examples of the work our Bicycles Mayors are doing: 

-In Mexico City, Mexico, Areli Carreon is taking action against social and political challenges through the leadership of cycling activists.

-In Baroda, India, Nikita Lalwani is breaking the commuter caste system and motorized-traffic domination; role modelling equality and everyday cycling for everyone. 

-In Cape Town, South Africa, Lebogang Mokwena is diversifying Cape Town’s cycling community by supporting more women of colour to learn how to ride bicycles. 

-In Paris, France, Thomas Couvry is working to give voice to a positive, unbiased and inclusive cycling culture and is hosting a photography exhibition to showcase the different facets of cycling in Paris.

Thank you all and looking forward to reading your suggestions!


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I took a liberty to re-post this at the CCC FB page, with the link to BYCS bicycle mayors:

Great! Thank you. 


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