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Tomorrow's forecast is 90 to 100% chance of rain.  The National Weather Service (forecasts always to be taken with a grain of salt) says 1 to 2 inches of rain, 30 mph wind gusts and thunder.

I am thinking Divvy might be my bike du jour if I find it is not raining when I want to ride. I love that option!

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Bestest case scenario happened:

I am working from home. I get to look at the rain from my warm dining room

Duppie said:


Best case scenario, I might Divvy it part of the way home.

I left my bike at the office last night, and this morning debated between Divvy and Blue line because it was just drizzling when I left.  I was glad I did Blue line since when I got downtown it was absolutely pouring.  But I am going to ride my bike home--brought the rain jacket and pants and hoping it won't be pouring.

Ended up riding pretty much normally on the way home and in to work this morning without much notice of the rain.

Wore my rain jacket, rain pants and spats this morning. Got to work totally dry, even the work shoes. Only thing I did different was riding with my blinking lights on during the day.

I did notice that car traffic was worse than normal. 

Just talked to my husband who said it is crazy traffic and crazy drivers out there.  Helmet lights and bike lights will be flashing. 

I also noticed lots of leaves fell overnight, so we need to watch out for slippery leaves, too!

Be safe everyone.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I just realized I didn't newspaper my shoes when I got into work this morning.  But if clammy feet are the worst part of the evening commute home I'll be happy, traffic did seem to be crazy this morning.

I love these spats to keep shoes looking spiffy when the weather is nasty. I keep them in my saddlebag all the time since they fold up small. They work with just about any normal shoe or boot. And, they're made in the USA.

The waterproof pants were an improvement over what I was previously doing, which was letting my jeans get soaked. However, my shoes are only-ankle-high, so I still got a lot of water splashed onto my socks and the bottoms of my jeans. The worst kind of water, too - water splashed up from cars. Gaiters would solve the problem, but I don't mind it that much.  Taller boots would help, too, of course. 

Lisa Curcio 4.1 mi said:

Please report.  Also, igz, if you are reading this, please report on your new Glacier gloves.

David Altenburg said:

Yes. I'll be breaking out my new waterproof pants

Jennifer- me freaking too.

It took me HALF AN HOUR to get from Chicago and Milwaukee to Chicago and Michigan on the bus.

I could ride that in like 10 min. Or something. even with traffic and the stoplights.

Rain or shine. I'm riding tomorrow.
Five years in of biking to work. I've learned the only Kryptonite is Ice. When I do take public trans I'm always p**sed off.

I rode home last night. In the rain. I really don't like riding in rain. I really don't like taking the subway, either, so I guess I will always be weighing what seems to be the lesser of two evils in deciding what to do.

I will be riding to work today!

I rode the bus in yesterday. It reminded me why I always bike.  So I decided to Divvy home during what I thought was a lull in the rain.  Bad decision; I got caught in some heavy rain in my work clothes, and was reminded why I should occasionally ride the bus instead.


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