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Who did you run into that you know today on your ride? Today was unlike any other day, especially in nice weather.

Aaron at Belmont and Clark and then my brother's ex girlfriend/yoga instructor at Schubert and Clark.

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I saw H' riding down Ogden.

I saw Sue since i took a different and late route to work. Always happy to hear my named getting yelled as a greeting than most of the rest of the time. :-) HI SUE!

I saw evane X and his 69 furlongs and two girlfriends having the city's best gelatto Lincoln Square

saturday night.

I was biking home from a birthday party pork roast party and stopped in the gelatto place for water.

can't have sweets before heading out to the bar,,,,

we chatted about the famous hilly hundred trip we took a few years ago.

I saw ChiBikeGeek today on Kinzie.  Nice to see you Mr. Geek.  Hope you made it to wherever you were headed on time!

This is a fun discussion! :)

Sporting I meant

h' 1.0 said:

Spotting? That doesn't sound good....

Julie Hochstadter said:

I saw james "ace mann" and we got to ride together for a mile or so. 

Yesterday I saw Luke H. spotting on a divvy!

I saw the notorious dug yesterday heading south on Clybourn (or was it damen ?). He recognized my visor and helmet and bike. I recognized his beard

 I rode about 9 miles with Ifi Susanna yesterday. Was a fun ride.

I saw Jenn James with two of her boys on (in) the bakfiets this morning!

What a treat! I love those boys!

I saw Aaron Bussey and Will at Hop Leaf - we were enjoying some beers.

Aaron saw me 3 days ago outside my company's office building : we now work about 2 blocks from each other. Will works a couple of blocks farther for a competing company.

Hot Tip : buy stock in beer and whiskey related companies ... ha ha ha

I saw Garth and Alex and Lebster at the BtW rally; but that goes without saying....

Not sure who it was, but I have to give a big THANKS to the guy that gave me a pant leg strap yesterday, northbound on Franklin at maybe Monroe about 5:30pm. 


I usually change into shorts but had an event to go to and was struggling to roll my pants while at the stop light, until I heard someone trying to get my attention and passing me the strap - which was of course exactly what I needed.  Awesome!


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