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Who did you run into that you know today on your ride? Today was unlike any other day, especially in nice weather.

Aaron at Belmont and Clark and then my brother's ex girlfriend/yoga instructor at Schubert and Clark.

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Holy commuters on the NW side yesterday.  I usually only see 1 or 2, but saw more like 6-7.  I was driving because I had physical therapy for an ankle injury, but riding today.  Maybe see some today?

Thank you to the kick ass commuter who stopped and helped me on Wells this morning after my rear rack decided it didn't want to be attached to my bike anymore.  I owe you a beer!!

In the past I had a similar experience after I took out one of my bikes that I hadn't ridden in a while. After riding a bit and then hitting a few bumps I started hearing noises I didn't like. Upon investigation i realized that my rear rack was extremely loose and I had lost one of the attachment bolts. For whatever reason why it happened, possible tampering or interrupted thievery in the past, or my not tightening it down enough. It's always a good idea to give your bike a 'shakedown' check. Shake your bike for loose connections and do a systems safety check before you takeoff. Especially if you're taking you're taking your bike out for the first time in this new 'cycling season of 2015' !

Deet 4.5 S/B on Milwaukee. Enjoyed a brisk commute with him from Milwaukee & Division to Clark & Kinzie.

Where is our sunshine?!  It's July.  Oh well, I guess we can make the most of it.

I ran into Serge Lubomudrov today on State Street.

Still beautiful to ride!

Huh? It's the dead of winter, coldest month of the year. Your last post to this thread was in July of 2015. You were bummed out then and happy now? Whatever you've been drinking, please share.

I just want to know what winter gear she has because clearly it's working! :-)


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