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Who did you run into that you know today on your ride? Today was unlike any other day, especially in nice weather.

Aaron at Belmont and Clark and then my brother's ex girlfriend/yoga instructor at Schubert and Clark.

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Last night, I almost ran into Nançois on the LFP and then had as nice a ride with her as one can expect at 7:30 or so in the evening from Navy Pier up to about Addison.

That's funny, I thought it was I who almost ran into Lisa, who actually had the right-of-way at that point (oops!). We agreed we are counting the days until the Navy Pier Flyover! Anyone know when it will be completed?

The first phase of construction began March 24, 2014. The entire path is expected to be completed in 2018. 

Nançois 8.5 said:

Anyone know when it will be completed?

Bummer, that is like 1400 days from now. I am going to have to come up with a new coping strategy.

I unfortunately live in the desolate part of Chicago where Chainlinkers don't seem to wander or live in....sad panda.

But if anyone sees a guy on a black Trek road bike with a yellow backpack on Milwaukee or up in the Niles/Morton Grove area that is me!  Just don't be a scofflaw or I will politely call you out.

DAN BROWN!!!!  Topless on the Lake Front Path!

Were you able to wake him?

Aaron Bussey said:

DAN BROWN!!!!  Topless on the Lake Front Path!

The increasingly rare and elusive Ron, late of New Orleans, on Milwaukee Avenue looking dapper on a late 70's Kettler that he practically stole at an estate sale.

Brendan Kevenides on Cortland bringing his Christmas tree home on his trailer!

I ran into my clone self on Elston. I bought him a while ago to go into work for me but he split after a couple weeks. I tried getting my money back, but I didn't read the fine print or something. What sucks is that he's obviously doing better than I am right now. He acted like he didn't know me. The doctor gave me some meds to help.

Saw, and spoke with, Rahm Emanuel around 5:50 this morning. I was waiting for the light at Milwaukee and Chicago when his SUV pulled up next to me; he asked me about the conditions of the bike lanes - told him Elston was a bit dicy because of debris.

Hey, nice work!  I saw a street sweeper at about 7:45 in the northbound Elston bike lane south of Division.  Hope he was going all the way to North and then turning around to go south.


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