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I've got three wheels for sale. The hubs are mechanically sound. The wheels are rideable, but could probably use a truing.

- a touring wheel set, $350 ($250 rear, $100 front): Rear wheel is Phil Wood Shimano Freehub, 40-spoke, 135mm QR with Velocity Dyad rim. Front wheel is Phil Wood standard 110mm spacing QR with Velocity Synergy rim.

- one rear wheel, $150: Vintage (circa 1980's) Phil Wood Shimano Freewheel hub (note, this requires old school screw on freewheel, not a cassette) 130mm QR with Velocity Synergy rim. They still make 7-8 speed freewheels for this hub. You can buy the for cheap these days. This would be great for a vintage build.


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Is the freewheel rear wheel still available? If so I’ll take it 

It sure is. I live in the Brookfield-Lagrange Area if you'd like to meet somewhere nearby that would be great.

I got in touch with a friend in the Chicago area who can meet you to grab the wheel and he’ll ship it out to me. Shoot me a PM so we can figure the details out 

Unfortunately I’m in California, let me know how much shipping would be 


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