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So it's national Bike to Work Week, and Friday is National Bike to Work Day. I have seen nothing promoting this in town anywhere, and not even a mention on the Events calendar here on the Chainlink. Is that because every day is bike to work day (as it should be!)? And we celebrate bikes every day anyway!? This is a very big deal in the Bay Area, were Bike to Work Day and I both come from, so perhaps I just expected to find it out here. Mmmmm, energizer stations with cute little musette bags filled with goodies, passed out by bicycle activists as you rode to and from work that day...A bike away from work party...

Active Transportation Alliance doesn't have anything on their website about this...should I be surprised?!

Anyway, is everyone riding to work this week? ;)

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Hey everyone,

We do have info on our website about Bike to Work Week...our main program during the week is the Bike Commuter Challenge which is listed on our homepage.

Also check out: and

We've got a lot of resources, bike commuter stations, fun and bike commuting challenge opportunities planned.

If you commute, please sign your company/business/organization up for the Bike Commuter Challenge!

Active Trans


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