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The Chicago Department of Transportation recently put out a Request for Proposals for the creation of a full-scale bike share system that could bring as many as 5,000 public bikes to Chicago by the end of 2014. Today on Grid Chicago Steven Vance examines the RFP and explains what this large-scale bike share system might look like.


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My vision of a real bike share program has a lot of currently unhappy commuters getting a better connection between the downtown end of their train or bus trip and their offices.  I know plenty of people who come into downtown on Metra or CTA and have terrible connections or no workable transit options at all on the downtown end.

A year ago, I was one of those people.  Having bike share locations at ALL downtown Metra stations, major CTA locations and major office destinations could make a lot of commutes cheaper, faster and easier.  If bike share had been an option for me a year ago, I could have saved 10-15 minutes, the cost of a CTA-Metra link-up pass ($39/month) and a lot of wear and tear on my battered knees going up and down stairs at non-ADA accessible CTA stations.


Also, think of the possibilities for lunchtimes - being able to get across downtown quicker and easier to meet friends for lunch, run an errand, go to a medical appt., attend a lunchtime concert or lecture, or just go for a short ride.  You get the idea.

Steven Vance said:

Perhaps I should have written that the winning RFP respondent's bike sharing system may be nothing like B-Cycle. B-Cycle is certainly entitled to submit a proposal for this RFP, but six companies bid for the bike sharing system in New York City, and the same six could submit proposals here. 



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