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What Tools Do You Carry for Bike Repair When You Ride? * * * (Update)* * *

A while back a fellow cyclist stopped me to ask if I had some tools(I had my bag on the bike)so he could adjust things on his road bike. Seat tightening & etc. He carried NO tools at all ! No backpack, nothing. He became a bit unhappy because I could not totally help him with the tools I had. He 'thanked' me, and then moved on. So, basically, what tools and supplies should a cyclist ALWAYS carry ?

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It's hard to get all of the air out just pressing down on the valve core. You have to spend a lot of time squeezing the air out by pressing the tires, and still would need levers. I think most tubes have removable valve cores, but I'm guessing that some specialized (racing?) ones don't. I should say that this works for those who have Schrader Valves, for Prestas I'm assuming would require no tool and the tire levers might be the only way to get the tires off.
S said:

Can't you just unscrew the valve and then press down to do the same thing?  Not all tubes have removable valve cores either.

MagMileMarauder said:

The tool would allow you to remove the tire easily with your bare hands because there is no pressure left in the tube. Same applies with putting the tire on, screw the valve core on after tube and tire are in the rim. The tool works very quickly.
Apie (10.6) said:

How would this "tool" get a tire on and off the rim?

MagMileMarauder said:

A nice and very small tool that eliminates the need for tire levers is a valve core remover. After the valve core is removed, you can easily remove the tire and tube manually.

What, no X9000 Macroblaster?

Jaik S. said:

Here's a list of contents:

Road Morph G pump

Patch kit & caps(big tin)

Scabs(small tin)

Gerber Case

Park Tool Levers

700x35 tube(never replaced the 700x23 that I gave away)

Busted tube(for bungeeing on the bike)

UltraFire XML-T6 1600 Lumen flashlight

Tube Rubber bands

Brooks Seat wrench

Three Allen/Hex keys

Walgreens Mini Screwdriver with five bits

Pedros Trixie wrench

Gerber multi-tool bits

Peter Atwood G5 Prybaby(Wrench/Bottle opener/Wire stripper)

Timbuk2 Toolshed(small size)

Elkind No. 20912 Hex wrenches

Zip Ties

Gerber 400 Mutlisport Compact

Maratac Peanut Lighter

Everything fits in the toolshed with the exception of the Pump, Flashlight, Gerber, Prybaby & Lighter. I'm sure if I got the larger toolshed, all but the pump would fit.

Irvin Steinert said:

interesting, but I'm not sure what all those things are just from looking. What is that thing in the bottom right?

I can't seem to find an x9000 that both looks great and has the "fully loaded" package. All of the custom builds seem a little too archaic. Maybe with the x9001 they'll improve and make it less bulky.

I made a separate blog post to capture mine.  Finally got some perfect pictures.  Go see:

Also found a similar thread from 2009 with some funny stuff.  Go see:

Comparing there, and here, and mine, all the best kits are very similar.

'Emergency Kit' discussion posted by Rodimus Prime from 2009 is fantastic! Go see!
Thanks Andronymous !

Wow ! (What tools?) Over 2000 views ! Thank you Chainlinkers !



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