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What's Your Favorite Piece of Non-Bike Gear that Happens to Work Great on a Bike?

There's lot of talk about great bike-specific apparel shoes, bags, etc. But what are some pieces of gear that weren't originally intended for use on a bike, but work great for it anyway?

For example, I love the Kuhl Renegade pant. It happens to be meant for hiking and rock climbing, but since it's stretchy and wicks away sweat, it's my go-to for bike commuting. In the summer, I often wear the Renegade shorts for mountain biking and recreational riding:

Anyway, I'm interested to hear what people recommend.

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I bought NeoSocks 3 weeks after a garbage truck diver mentioned them on radio. I have been experimenting with them since. The surprising part is that the foot sections are breathable, so they keep warm in, water out and persperation escapes. You feel the warmth as soon as you put them on. Plus, they are only $15.37. My Gore-Tex socks are now dust collectors.

Cheap, sturdy, rechargeable flashlights! 
UltraFire CREE XM-L T6 LED Adjustable Focus Flashlight

I hear there's a bracket that you can use with these but I made one from PVC that works fine. Also I don't think it's 2500 Lumens but it sure is bright. One of the five modes is a flashing mode that works great. Using this on bike paths/trails out in the suburbs illuminates everything.

Sorel winter boots - so warm and protects from slush, salt, etc

I love my Sorel winter boots too. I have had mine for over ten years. They really last and still look good.

Super Sound gas cartridge horn.  So long as the outside temperatures aren't too cold, it will deliver a loud blast of sound that will get any motorist's attention.


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