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Ok city bikers! How and where do you store your bikes?! If you store them inside, what kind of set-up do you have? I'm in a one bedroom and after one of my bikes was stolen from the bike room I want to keep my other one inside and am looking for crafty inspiration for ways to display/store it!

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That's happened to too many people I know - getting 1 or more bikes stolen out of the basement when someone left the door open.

My condo came with a separate storage room. Much to the displeasure of my S.O. I took it over to store all my bikes :) She calls it my bike closet.

Some reorganization and a new hook today.
I have a one bedroom with an unused dining room. I put S-hooks in my ceiling and hang my bikes from them. This keeps them off the floor obviously and out of my way.

I live in Chicago with limited space and use a Bike Box from CB2 in my office/TV room.  In addition to elevating your bike, it give you some storage for gear.  I view it as part of the art work in the room plus it keeps your bike handy.

Sweet! I really like this look.

The bike's not bad, either. :)

That's fantastic! I've seen that on etsy! 

This is what I use for my two bikes.  Really easy to assemble and no drilling in the wall.

Has anybody tried these ?  They look pretty awesome and there's an option for bikes with fenders!

We have two bikes leaning against a wall and three in these, which we have been really happy with.  They can be joined together in various ways or used separately depending on your space; they're stable, adjust to fit various wheel sizes and tire widths, aren't visually obtrusive, and allow you to keep several bikes pretty closely packed together in a small herd. :-)

Currently mine are spread around the house/hallway, which makes neither me nor my roommate really happy. I've been looking into those but even my wall space is limited :/ 



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