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26mph.  I was on Sheffeld near Addison. I had a tail wind. It's a little downhill grade.  By the time I hit the empty intersection I was wiping tears away from the wind and focusing on holding the bike steady.

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30.4mph, up Milwaukee

45mph descending Mt Lemmon...

On the flats probably around 32mph solo.

20 mph downhill some slope I don't recall

I think I have hit 40-41 on both a steep hill descent in southern Indiana and a shallow sort of "false flat" on a large fast group ride on Greenbay Rd...That probably had a tailwind. I've never been able to ride in the mountains. I also apparently hit 37mph with a tailwind in the final sprint of a race a couple weeks ago. How you fail to podium a Cat 5 race with a 37mph sprint is beyond me but I managed to do so.

:D :D :D

you racing tomorrow?

I used to have a cycling computer, IKU maybe, that stopped at forty and would mark the high speed until erased. I've gotten to the bottom of descents and have found it pinned at 40.

I never figured out if it stopped recording at 40 or if it stopped me going any faster than 40. 

Memory is a little fuzzy but I recall doing >40 mph downhill on the way into Madison, WI in the company of awesome folk > 4 years ago.  Fair notice: it wasn't I who had the cycling computer.

40+  Dixie Hwy MontEagle TN


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