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What Kind of Riding/Adventure Are You Most Looking Forward To When It Warms Up?

Sure, it's snowy and cold out but let's flash forward to a warmer month, green trees, warm weather and your bike... what would you do? Mountain bike? Road bike up to Highland? Pedal to Wisconsin? Ride the Lakefront Trail to Indiana? 

#BikeChi is the best, especially in the spring/summer/fall 

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Ride to Cleveland, where I left my heart. I last performed this on a sexy silver Zeus back in '92.

Ride from Pittsburgh to D.C. via the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Towpath.

Ride from Chicago to Charlevoix, MI (between the Grand Traverse and Little Traverse Bays in Northern Michigan.)

Love the GAP/C&O. Great ride. :)

Yeah, I rode from Shepardstown, WV to DC (about 73 miles) on the C&O back in 2014. Loved it. The compleatist in me wants to ride the entire length. My 16 year-old sons may be accepted into a summer program at Carnegie-Mellon this summer, which would give me the perfect excuse for a road trip east. 

Oh, you should do it. And the Pittsburgh side is even nicer than the DC side.


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