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So many people are super happy with the cooler temps, bringing out the warmer riding gear and a thermos full of hot coffee or tea. Me? I am missing the rides in short sleeves. Sure, I wear flannel tights, enjoy my thermos of hot latte, etc. but I like it warm. 

So what kind of fall do you enjoy? What do you love about fall? 

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I don't like any kind of fall; I prefer to ride with stability and avoid falling.

hehehe funny Bob :-)

A not too chilly fall where I don't have to cover my ears but cool enough where I can ride hard and not build up a sweat like in summer. 

Weekend evenings in the back yard chilling by the fire.

Cool!  Juan you sound like a guy that has it together; you make me wish I had a back yard and a fire pit!

But I agree with Yasmeen (for once).   I like the warm weather too.  Don't mind sweating...Chicago has so many more cold days than warm (mid-June to mid-September? -- 3 months?) I look forward to those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer all fall and winter long!

clp, come sit by the fire for we have some flax golden byke lyfe tales to spin :)

My engine runs best under cooler temps -- ideally about 53 degrees.

The fall I prefer is one where I don't wake up to rain and 35 degree temps, with snow at O'Hare this morning! Brrr.  I like 60 degrees and sunny with light wind so the leaves stay on the trees, which makes for some pretty rides (this could be its own thread) such as going northwest west on the Cal Sag Trail heading northwest out of Alsip off Cicero Ave. Watch out for sticks on the trail hiding under fallen leaves, but this is one of my favorite rides on a sunny fall day. 


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