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What Do You Think? "When Is an Electric Mountain Bike No Longer a Bicycle?"

"Electric bicycles can fill an important need. Low-power electric-assist mountain bikes, like the Specialized Turbo Levo FSR we tested last year, can make riding more accessible to more people, making up for gaps in fitness and training or helping people pedal through injuries. But electric bikes can also exist solely to exploit legal loopholes. This HPC Revolution can reach speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour on level ground, putting motorcycle performance in places where it doesn’t belong."

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I'm ok with pedelec e-bikes because you still have to pedal them to move. I think throttled e-bikes need to be re-evaluated to be classified as a scooter since there is little to no human input to stay moving. Having said that; I own a pedelec bike for my commute, and I am aware of my surroundings and courteous of other cyclists around me. We all need to be able to ride together! 


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