I just read this on the Trib's website and wanted to see what everyone else thought about it.


 Thanks in advance for your comments.


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Compare that headline with this one:  "Chicago man held on $200K in crash that killed pedestrian".


Obviously these are the rogue bikers that the folks in Barrington Hills are worried about.

The comments from the Oak Park police chief are a bit off-putting. According to google and Bing maps, the location of the block party is about 550 feet from the Chicago line, and quite frankly the region on the Oak Park side of the line looks every bit as dense as the region on the Chicago side. An individual could simply run and be back in the big scary city in under a minute. Of course, pursuers could as well. But if you've just had your phone stolen by someone claiming to be armed, how far are you going to chase them on a dark night?


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