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There's just a touch of chill in the air, but the days are much shorter and fall and winter are on their way.  What do you most look forward to about cold-weather biking? 

Me, it's the amazing feeling of hot coffee on a cold ride.  I have a coffee-cup-holder mounted on my handlebars, and for my 5 mile ride to work, I have hot Alterra coffee ready to go.  Stopping at lights and having a swig of it makes my day.  And drivers and other cyclists often comment to admire this cup-holder, which my girlfriend got me at K-Mart two or three years ago.

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"Spring" in Chicago can mean 39 degrees with wind and rain :). Today the weather feels like a reward after enduring a pretty chilly week. I look forward to days like this, sunny and low 40s.

Adam Herstein (5.5 mi) said:

What do you look forward to about winter biking?




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