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I started commuting 14mi each way and I'm tired all the time. What do you eat for breakfast for something like this? What do you eat just before leaving work?

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I've been commuting 15mi each way for a few years.

I eat after my morning ride and then throughout the day - I never eat heavy before a ride.

Basically I keep the refrigerator clear of leftovers.

Lotsa water, fruits, vegetables, beans...protein, fiber, etc...I stay away from processed food as much as I can.

I hear beer is a good "recovery" drink...I'm good with that. Nothing like a chilled IPA when I pull up at the homestead, just sayin'.

I sleep anywhere from 6-7 hours/night.

I just turned 50 - I'm not sure if that's a factor.

That's about it for me.

I eat breakfast and dinner after my rides, and my diet is similar to Beans'. You want your blood flowing to you muscles and not to your stomach for digestion which your body will automatically do. Chocolate milk is good for recovery, too.

We've been doing a vegan smoothie for breakfast with blueberries, banana, apple (optional) 8-10 baby carrots, cup spinach, 1 c. unsweetened choice. almond milk, 1 spoon peanut butter and 1 c. ice.  (2 servings)

I blend the blueberries, apple, carrots, spinach, and almond milk first. Then I add the peanut butter and ice to finish blending. It's filling and the spinach is high in protein. 

You may also want to bring some gummies with you. I prefer the Honey Stinger gummies because they are easy on the system and give you a boost if you need one.

My commute is between 13-15 miles I generally have nothing other than  perhaps a little water. This morning I was handed a slice of rye toast as I walked out and stuck it in my mouth as I got on the bike. I am similar to Beans in this regard. I  don't like to eat much  before the morning ride. 

How do you feel on a Monday morning and evening after not having to cycle the miles for a few days. If you say that, "I feel tired all the time", you may need more recovery time for your body to adapt. Would it be a sacrilege for me to suggest to use public transportation, if possible, on alternating days to phase in recovery and conditioning. Otherwise, agreed, eat lighty before cycling, eat a more substantial meal apart from cycling time in order to digest. I love eating a few bananas before and sometimes after cycling. Also, I enjoy some pecan sandies shortbread cookies for a bit of an energy boost. Also the various granola snack bars can help.

Talk to your doctor about this. Being tired all the time probably isn't good.

I like a piece of fruit before riding, and a real meal after.  If I eat much before, I feel sluggish.

If I am exercising more than 45", I will recover with some fast protein. My morning rides are too short (25") to get any real recovery meal focus; my even rides are 45" and I hit an avocado or something similar immediately upon hopping off the bike. When I run, I have no choice...chocolate milk immediately after each run (they are usually 55" or longer per.)

As to sluggish feelings...I agree with the other posters. You really need to let your body recover if you are hitting it that hard. 

Hmmm, both you and Gene mentioned chocolate milk. I'd read that also in some fitness article, low fat in particular. But I'd read elsewhere that you should never drink your calories. I'd always thought that orange juice was good for you but it has more sugar per unit volume than Coca Cola. I'm trying to avoid anything with a high glycemic index. My blood sugar is a little over 100, which put me in pre-diabetic territory. Lately, I've been getting more into yams and nuts.

I'm a big fan of a protein shake first thing in the am before I leave the door. It's light, quick, and enough calories and protein to make sure I don't bonk so early in the morning. After I get into my office I eat a more full meal (greek yogurt, granola, apples & peanut butter). During the day I eat "two" lunches - 1 at 11am, 1 at 1-2 pm. A snack at 4pm. Then a decent size dinner at 7pm. When I'm tired in the morning it's typically because I didn't eat enough the day before.

sometimes i do this

If you're just starting to ride that distance your body has to acclimate to the increased endurance and only time and continued riding will resolve that. You can help with post-ride recovery by eating a 'proper' diet.


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