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Way to Make Friends... Get in Front of Another Cyclist and Coast

This morning this guy made a point of positioning himself in front of me (assuming I wouldn't go as fast?) but there is this lovely downhill and he wasted it by coasting (his bike needed oil as it squeaked but that's a different issue)…

So I got stuck behind him as he coasted down the hill because he took the far left position in the bike lane. When we hit the turn, I pedaled past him at a significantly faster speed. And then it happened. Out of nowhere, the coaster decided he needed to go faster than me so he caught up with me so he could pass me back. *sigh*

Why must we get into these bike games of cat and mouse? Just accept the woman on a racing cx bike passed your squeaky bike because you decided to coast and not pedal. No ego issue, no race, just two people riding to work. *another sigh*

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I get that a lot. It's super annoying. I'm fine if someone wants to pass me, but you better be able to stay ahead of me and not have a little ego fit about it if I pass you after you slow down again. I've found that a lot of men REALLLLLLLLY hate being passed by a woman.

CAT 6. I don't get it, either.

Happens here as well with any gender. I just ride. 

My least favorites are those who pass me, then I pass them, then they pass me and blow a stop light or sign, only to later be passed again not just by me, but by others. 

If person knows they're slow and need to prove something, then they're blind to common sense. 

Happened to me today with a Divvy/Ubereats/Caviar warrior on the Randolph lane. Most annoyingly, he passed me and rode in the middle of the lane so he couldn't get passed.

What is a "Divvy/Ubereats/Caviar" warrior?

A Woman passed me in the Dearborn bike lane and she had what looked like some type of thermals so I asked she said they weren't then we talked about clothing and cold weather cycling for a bit until she go to her destination then we went our seperate ways.
Now if you pass me then are riding slower in front of me that's annoying.

You can delete this but I don't mind a Woman riding in front of me.

No no no, you are looking at this all wrong. When I was riding much more, I would get on the LFP (winter) and would downright draft and race other commuters from Burnham to Addison. I am talking full-on you lead, I lead, you lead, I lead. And if I got dropped, I got dropped. I had one dude pass me and comment, "let me show to drop the hammer." And boy did he go. Even if I got out of the saddle, I couldn't have imagined keeping up. So next time dude does that, lean over and whisper, "try and keep up now." I bet you have a more interesting ride. 

Unless of course you just want to commute in silence and peace. 

Either way, have fun out there. I am looking forward to hitting the LFP in the morning.

Woof. This is so annoying. Having a bike speaker in these settings can be really fun though-- I like to really turn it up on something like robyn and follow them as closely as safely possible. Who knows if it helps them get the point but being a little petty helps with the day-to-day for me, hah. 


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