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So...I registered for Bike the Drive. And it occurred to's rain or shine. What if it rains??

Well...I don't have waterproof stuff. In fact...I don't really wear bike-specific clothing when I'm out...just a general athletic-style shirt that I can change out of when I get to work...and if it looks like it's going to rain, I stay off the bike. (Got caught in an unexpected downpour once while wearing jeans, and the chafing was TORTURE...had to stay off the bike for a week after that!)

So...I went online shopping looking for waterproof shorts/pants, and I found that...they appear to be made only for people in much better shape than me! Or in the best case scenario, the largest sizes end *just before my size*. Ughghh..

I mean, for cripe's sakes, one of the reasons I got a bike was to lose weight...but...they don't make clothing for people of my obesity! Anybody have any suggestions??? And yeah, I know: lose weight. :)  WHICH IS WHY I BOUGHT A BIKE. And it's probably not possible to lose that much (healthily!) in two and a half weeks...

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I don't  know  how  big big is. I  am an xl  sometimes and an xxl other times. I am  at the  border  of  cyclingwear but  can mostly find things.  I saw  your post  and figured  hunting and fishing  devotees tend  to be more  full figured than cyclists.  I went to Gander Outdoors and  did a search  for  waterproof breathable wear and  filtered for  xxxl and  this is what I  found.

Honestly, I find that at temps above low 60s, even very high quality rain wear fails to breath enough to avoid becoming drenched in sweat if you ride further than a few miles or any faster than a slow pace.  For my money, during this type of shoulder season where it's a little chilly and rainy, I prefer to wear wool bicycle jerseys (short or long sleeve depending on temp) and quick-drying mountain bike shorts that are baggy enough not to clink to me when wet.  Mountain bike shorts with a good liner shouldn't cause chafing.  Also, wet wool will continue to keep you warm and dries fast, and as long as I'm warm I personally don't care if I stay dry. 

For weather below 65, I have a high quality/breathable gore-tex rain shell.  If you don't care about color, you can find a pretty good deal if you look around (especially if you look beyond a cycling specific brand), and the XL and XXL sizes seem to not sell out as often as the smaller sizes. 

I second the call on fenders.  Without them, it doesn't really matter what you wear on your legs and feet, as you'll simply get soaked by road spray.

Comes in an XXX size, I've worn it over a suit.  It packs very small to carry, but the REAL trick is to put it on BEFORE the rain starts.

Waterproof pants ebay $27.61

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