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I rode from Evanston up to Highwood/Fort Sheridan this morning.  As I arrived at University Ave and Old Elm, there was a group of perhaps five people getting ready to turn left.  Just as I turned right I noticed that one of the riders was wearing a Chainlink jersey.  Was that you?  You were all chatting, so I decided to just keep moving.

Where does one get a Chainlink jersey?


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Weve ordered them a couple times in the past. Should we do another round?

I'd be interested.  I suppose you don't want to make a run just 'cuz I don't have one though.  Probably worth a separate thread to gauge interest.

One more to the cause if that would help

I'd love to have one!

I am in

Alright then! I will look into getting another order started.

Make sure we can get smalls!

I'd get one, too.

Of course!

Lisa Curcio 6.5 mi said:

Make sure we can get smalls!

Count me in as well...

I'd love to get a short-sleeved one (wool or synthetic) to join the awesome and comfy long-sleeved wool one from the fundraiser over the winter.

I want one!



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