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So I had a terrible experience last night, I was hit by a truck [civilian, not semi] and there were plenty of witnesses, police were called, I was taken away in an ambulance, the whole 9 yards.

I sustained a plateau fracture of my tibia I learned in the ER, and it may require surgery but since that's not an emergency situation they sent me home with an immobilizer and crutches. I'm calling the referral doctor first thing tomorrow but I know I should call the guy's insurance company sooner.

I've never had to deal with ongoing medical costs or missed work [I'm a server in a restaurant and I'll be missing at least a week] so I figured I should come to you guys for advice! I'm also now unable to compete in the Chicago Triathlon and don't know how my knee function will be in the future so that's a wait-and-see kind of thing.

Should I call his insurance today to let them know that the medical situation is still developing but at least give them the details of the accident while it's fresh? Is it better to wait?

I know they at least need to pay for the ambulance and ER costs, the follow-up... But I'm not sure how long it'll take for these medical procedures to happen and I have a feeling the hospital is going to want me to pay for the services from last night soon.

I have no idea what state my bike is in, the firemen that apparently showed up said they'd bring it to their place so that's going to be picked up sometime in the next few days by my mom.

Any advice would be so appreciated. I'm stuck on the couch going between sleeping and trying not to swear too much. Need more details? I'd be happy to share!

P.S. you bet your sweet booties I was wearing a helmet and I'm so grateful to just have a broken bone.

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FOR SURE, I would not be calling up the driver's insurance company and giving them any statements at this point.  This is a serious injury.  You need the advice of a competent lawyer, preferably one with experience in cycling cases, before you go any further.  I am not affiliated with him in any way, but one who springs to mind is Mike Keating, a long-time Chainlink member who is an attorney with extensive experience in this area.  I would check him out.  Just my two cents worth.    

MC, glad you're still around and mostly ok. Take Jim's advice above and mostly slow down about the bills for right now. I don't think that l would contact his insurance company just yet. Chill and concentrate about getting healthy for right now.
Get a lawyer. It's the only way you'll get a fair shake from the driver's insurance company.

Thanks everyone for your advice!!! I took a hint from the sidebar and contacted Mike Keating's office, he got back to me soon after and seems amazing. He advised me not to give ANY statements to any insurance people that call me, just to say that I have a lawyer. So I guess I have a lawyer now, what a new life experience!

Mike Keating has represented a lot of cyclists here on Chainlink so I think you're in good hands.  I personally keep his business card in my wallet in case I need to use it.

Agree that you are in good hands. 

I’ll vouch for Michael Keating law office. They went a mile for me on my case.

I just wanted to take a moment since I was brought up in this thread to say that I'm very grateful to everyone that entrusts me with their case. It means a great deal to me personally and professionally. I can't stress enough that if you ever have any questions or anything, just give me a call. I'm happy to answer whatever questions you have and discuss the options. I'm here to help. 

Keep all your receipts, all your notes from the hospital and staff.  Even in this world of electronic records, you need to keep a diary, an inventory of everything done and all your expenses.  When I was hit by a truck at State and Roosevelt, the trucking company paid for everything and repaired my bicycle.


PS Perhaps I watch too much late night television, but perhaps you should also contact a lawyer???


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