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Is anyone interested in building a sound system that fits in a milk crate? It doesn't have to be loud. I am trying to avoid riding with headphones. I can pay you in cash or buttons, bottle openers, magnets, mirrors, or baked goods, or a combination of those things. speakingmytruth @ gmail dot com or discuss here. Thanks!

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It's actually pretty simple.  My basic setup (minus my bigger speakers) would easily fit in/on a milk crate.

Start with a T-Amp:

Takes 10 AA batteries:

If you want to get fancy, you can buy cases and have a few spare packs, you just have to figure out the right plugs and solder them on the end.

After that, you only need a cable to plug in your source, any stereo 1/8" / 3.5mm male-to-male cable will do:

and a pair of speakers that fit in/attach to your milk crate.  You want to get them as efficient as possible.  As close to 90db+ sensitivity as you can afford, as the higher the sensitivity, the more efficient the speaker. You can go with a smaller set all the way up to a pair you can attach to a rack. Something like these (outdoor is nice in case it just have to cover the amp then):

And some speaker wire:

Basically, the speakers will be the most expensive component, and with extra AA batteries, you can easily carry way more power than you need.  I ran 3 10 packs and found with a good enough volume to work Critical Mass, you'd get 3 hours or so per 10 batteries at ~2500 mAh (those ones I linked are 2400, so that's close).  So if you carried 30 AA batteries, you'd easily be good for most of a day.

Amp: ~$35

Stereo cable: $3

Speaker wire: $10

Batteries: $60 for 24, good enough for ~6 hours with replacements when some go bad

Speakers: $35-$100, depending on quality

Whole shebang for $135-$210 or so, maybe another $10 in random costs (rain tarp, clamps for speakers, banana plugs if you want).

That's the basic small/loud/decent charge.  I'd stick with the T-amp and work on other costs if you're looking for small. 

Of course, this assumes you've already got a phone/ipod/mp3 player to feed audio to it. Personally, I'd stay away from using my phone, as they might not like being constantly used.  It's probably pretty easy to find a cheap mp3 player at Target/whatever, and then just use it.  That way, it'll have a better battery life (no touch screen, prolly), and you won't wind up toasting your phone.

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