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After I locked up my bike this morning, a car pulled in behind me.  Inconvenient for bikers, but surely they were just there do drop something off, and didn't want to pay $20 of downtown parking.  I won't begrudge them that.

I go out to do some errands during a late lunch, and low and behold, the car is still there!

Whaaat?  My bike was pretty near the middle, so getting it out (and later back in) was a challenge.

I called up the building management, to see if they could get a warning, or maybe a ticket, or something. The woman asks for the cars details (thank goodness I took pictures to share here), and then says, "ok, we can just have that towed."

Well ok then.  I feel a bit bad, because having your car towed sucks... but I don't feel that bad.

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I would've done the same thing in the same exact situation.

If I did try to get my bike out of there and just so happened that I scratch the hood of that car, and the owner came out, who was to blame then? Most likely I'd have to pay to cover the damage to the hood of that car.

You did right by reporting it. The decision to have it towed was of the building management, not yours.

There was another car there this afternoon!

If headlights accidentally get smashed and hoods get scratched to fuck because people needed to get their bikes out... hey you gotta do what you gotta do. 

David P. said:

There was another car there this afternoon!

I work in this building.

It's used at a temporary parking spot to drop things off with building permission.

That said, there is plenty of room there to park and still leave 5 feet before the bikes. This person was just being a douche and not thinking about anyone else by pulling that far up.

don't feel bad, we call to have cars towed from our lot all the time.


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