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Hey Fellow Chainlinkers,

Help requested.....


With nearly 8,000 members and 32,000 unique visitors a month,  our little ol' website is in need of an overhaul.  There have been few updates since our inception 4 years ago.  It's time to make the site more user-friendly, reorganize content, add features that have been requested, and make it easier to find all the awesome information we share daily with our fellow cyclists.

To pay for this redesign and development we're going to launch an Indiegogo campaign (like kickstarter) in the next few weeks.


We need a badass video to tell folks how great The Chainlink is and why they (and maybe you) should donate to the cause.


If you love The Chainlink, if it has changed your life in anyway, PLEASE TELL US via video!  We will use parts of some these clips for the final video.  You will also see Garth and Dubi at Open Streets tomorrow, Saturday, asking to hear from you and show off your lovely bikes and faces.


So what we need from you - Videotape yourself answering one of the questions below and POST on this discussion thread.  Feel free to video yourself on your bike talking, standing, with a group, or alone, like me, in front of a computer. 

1) I ______ on The Chainlink!


2) On The Chainlink I _______

3) I'm on The Chainlink!

You can watch the example video I made below or at this link.


Don't know how to embed a video on the forum? Watch the video here or this one.  *** Our new and improved future site will have a section of how-to videos so we don't need to link to 5 minute videos of others that can be explained in 30 seconds!



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when do you need these by?

Awesome, will do a vid for sure within next couple days.

That would help! Monday at noon.
that's soon! would have been cool to take a video camera to bar night and have people do it there

I've got go pro footage of my trip in Yosemite I'd like to add.  Do I just embed it to this forum? Can I use vimeo?

Sean - Yes vimeo should work. 

Laura - It can be super raw so just shoot some people answering the questions or little quick tidbits about their experience on The Chainlink, what they think of it, and put it up here or you can send me the link if you upload it somewhere else. We did stock questions to make it easier during post production.



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