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Chamois butter/cream for saddle sores, riding rashes, irritation, and chafing in hot humid summer weather ? Ouch !

Gee, I should have added chamois butter to my 'Bike Shorts Poll' !

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Not a well researched piece.

Chamois is not a sheep, it is a goat.

He makes contradictory statements in saying not to use Vaseline, but then recommends Bag Balm, which is primarily a petrolatum base with lanolin and other ingredients. In other words, it is Vaseline with other stuff in it.

Secondly, modern day 'chamois creme' are designed to condition the skin of the rider, not the 'skin' of the shorts. Sweating is a necessary thermoregulatory function of the body, even 'down there'; ingredients in chamois creme are designed to either close pores, kill bacteria or otherwise retard the production of oils. Cornstarch is the opposite spectrum of 'lubrication' - everyone's body chemistry is their own.

There should be a minimum of chafing with properly fitted shorts (not old, baggy bunchy ones) and a good saddle. If you have "weird looking chamois" or "seams all over", I would not wear them. In a perfect world, with a well-matched 'interface' (skin, shorts, saddle) you would not need chamois creme, but everyone is different.

and, the article is from 2008.

Anne, I'm sorry you didn't like the article.
A chamois is a goat but hides of other animals are also used. Defined by wiktionary; a soft pliable leather originally made from the skin of chamois (nowadays the hides of deer, sheep, and other species of goat are alternatively used.)
He mentions that "lubing" body parts that contact the chamois IS a good idea.
Yes, everyone is different regarding skin treatment. It's all about personal preference.
If you read the comments he does recommend Bag Balm as an after treatment because of its soothing effects and he does acknowledge its petroleum base.
And although the article was dated from 2008, I still found it as valuable and useful to me. I didn't find any current dated searches that were any better.
Summer time, lots of riding, different problems, different approaches to personal situations.

I think that sensitivity to friction can vary quite a bit from one person to another. Definitely one of those "your mileage may vary" subjects. ;)

Another helpful article: By Bernie Burton M. D.

Please do not read this article if you don't like Bag Balm or Vaseline !


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