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So my mother and I were parked on Milwaukee between California and Washtenaw tonight and decided to count how many people had bike lights. We were sitting there for only about 10 or so minutes and we counted 7 people without bike lights and 4 with.


We were looking behind our car through the rear view mirror and the only thing that made us notice the people without lights was the movement of their legs.


I must say though if I was pulling out or something and checked to see if it was clear behind me I'm not sure I would have noticed a biker without lights!


Please consider getting lights! Back and front! 



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How bout a link?

in it to win it said:
City of Chicago Bike site now has a video on bike lights. Good viewing.

>>>> City of Chicago Bike Light Video 



A good video, but ironic that they had to block the bike lane with a car to produce it!

Thunder Snow said:

>>>> City of Chicago Bike Light Video 



The Active Transportation Alliance distributed over 500 headlights to people seen riding without headlights. We have many ways to encourage people bicycling to use lights. Not all of them are in use.

  • Give lights as Christmas and birthday gifts.
  • Donate money to Active Transportation Alliance and ask it to be used for a bike light distribution.
  • Police can enforce existing laws.
  • Bicycle shops can become ambassadors of safe and legal cycling by trying their hardest to make sure new bike purchasers don't leave the store without lights. "I don't ride at night" is not an excuse to forego buying lights. Lights aren't only helpful for "night" riding.

Some helmets have built-in lights, like the Lazer Urbanize (but this thing costs $80-$100!).

Michael A said:

why not built into helmets?

The responding police officer would most likely interpret the ordinance. Or a judge if it went that far.

Get the cheapest compliant headlight you can find and mount it on your handlebars. No more worrying.

Davo said:

How does the law apply if I don't have a head light on my bike but I do have a head light on my head?


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