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If the money raised isn't going to Chicago Woman's Health Center, does anyone know where it is going?


I just assumed it would, because the first 3 years this supported the CWHC, but there's nothing about any fund raising intentions for this years calendar.

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Ah, my favorite two internet arguments of the truly defeated:


-I'm right and everyone on the face of the planet agrees with me but is to afraid to stand up for truth, justice and my way!  Only I am brave enough to speak the mind of the unnamed masses to scared to speak for themselves! 


-I'm taking my toys and I'm going home!


Yep, you really made your point Sandra; if your point was making your business look bad that is...


By the way I want to apologize to Kelly.  If you thought I was jumping on your ass with any of this; you asked a legitimate question and never made an issue out of it.



Sandra Samman said:

Get your facts straight. I did not make that up! There are MANY people out there that feel mislead. I just had the balls to speak out.


I am done. I will no longer reply to this garbage. I am cancelling my chainlink, so will not see what you post. Enjoy yourselves!! Going back to the real world now. See ya!

Kelly C, I too want to apologize to you if I made you feel in any way like I was giving you a hard time. It was a reasonable question, and I was irritated by the answer you got from Sandra.


Let’s review the facts presented by Sandra, shall we?


Somewhere between “many,” “most” and a “shit ton” of people believed that the proceeds from the sale of 2012 TYK calendars was going to the Chicago Women’s Health Center. (Imprecise quantities, difficult to verify. Sandra and Kelly assumed that it was, I knew that it was not. Three is probably too small a sample to draw a reliable conclusion).


Sandra states that she didn’t know the proceeds were not going to the CWHC. (I believe this to be true, but also believe that if the use of the funds was such a deal-breaker for Sandra, it was incumbent upon her to verify before donating 4-7 hours of her time, each hour of which takes away from her “actual life.”)


Her second or third hand account of a conversation (which Sandra may or may not have been a party to) between April Lynn and Alexis Finch, in which Alexis said she tried to call CWHC four times regarding donation of proceeds to CWHC, but was never able to get through.

(This account would seem inconsistent with the next inconvenient fact that the kickstarter page, facebook page, and all available print media regarding the use of the funds derived from the production and sale of the 2012 TYK calendars were going to “The Monthly Cycle.” It also seems to be at odds with Shar’s account of the conversation, for which Shar says she was present.)


Real facts don’t require capitalization.


Justifying your ignorance of widely available information by stating that you have a “real” or “actual” life is condescending and implies that others don’t.


Implying that someone is lying and stealing without any facts to support it, really pisses me off.


I wish Alexis Finch well in her new endeavor.

Whoa whoa whoa, guys, this has gone past its useful intention and is getting personal. I'm going to close the thread, but not delete it, since others may have the question that Kelly had.


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