I stopped by the Walgreen's Pharmacy at Western, Milwaukee and Armitage on my way home from work today to pick up a prescription. I decided to go through the drive-thru, because the process of taking off and putting on my gloves, goggles, balaclavas, and helmet, then taking my lock out of my paniers, locking up my bike, followed by removing and carrying both of my panniers into Walgreens, for a quick pickup seemed asinine. I waited for about five minutes and the car in front of me stuck his head of the window to tell me that the cashier wanted asked him to let me know that they can not help bicyclists. So I went home. I called and spoke with the pharmacists who said that it is a safety issue, because another car can pull up, not see the cyclist and hit them. She apologized and stated that in this weather they should certainly make exceptions.

Regardless to the weather outside, I think its unfair that cyclists can not use the drive-thru. Anyone have similar experience or know of a place that has good drive-thru bicycle service?

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Wouldn't be the first time I was arrested. Cops don't scare me.

Tristan Jackson said:
The police would come eventually. I would win in the end.

Self-sealing Stembolt said:
I would have loved to have the chance to be that cyclist you tried to outstubborn.

Who cares about hell when the line was already frozen. I've got all night...


Tristan Jackson said:

Man, if I was the drive-thru manager, hell would of frozen over before I would of given you that hamburger, because I follow the principle of never give in to the demands of an entitled asshole. 

Martin Hazard said:

I love to go to the drive through at the Mcdonalds on Milwaukee just south of Diversey. They state that they dont serve walk up traffic, after the lobby is closed. Nothing more. I didn't walk my F-ing bike up to the window. I order a hamburger and wait for them to call the police. The police never show up for that type of call, and in the mean time they have countless drivers who already placed orders driving off without paying. When they finally capitulate, and they always do, I throw that burger out;-) F-them, it is up to the individual Mc-d's. 

I'll be in contact with the store manager tomorrow, but was refused service again at the Walgreens at Milwaukee and Armitage. 

If they had simply said no service...that would have been one thing. Instead, they rudely said to me through the intercom "we're very busy inside, you're going to have to wait" and hung up. I have experienced long wait times at the window before...but I think biking through makes sense when it works...so I stuck it out. 15 minutes later, a guy picked up the intercom and said "the manager has decided we are no longer going to serve bikes in the drive through lane. He's determined it's too dangerous. Too much of a liability." So...here we go again. I'll let everyone know what they say tomorrow when the manager is in. Thanks, Brian 

Whether or not businesses want to allow cyclists in their drive-thrus is their prerogative. Personally I don't see why not. If there's a policy against it, though, it should be posted to avoid any confusion.

New(ish) Manager John Walker sent me an email reply and called me to let me know he's spoken with the pharmacy staff...and he said, in no uncertain terms, they should serve anyone who wants service at the drive through, "whether they're walking, on a bike, or even on top of an elephant." He was super nice and apologized that they were confused about the policy. He said the pharmacy staff gave him every reason in the book not to serve bikers...and he said he shut all those reasons down. 

Glad to hear he was logical about it and addressed the policy with the pharmacy staff. 


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