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Trek Xtracycle conversion w/ Brooks saddle, Shimano dynohub + B&M lights - $700

This guy has been in my basement for 7+ years and is now dusted off and ready to haul your stuff.


  • Brooks B67 saddle
  • Shimano dynohub powering B&M front and rear lights
  • Soma Oxford upright handlebars
  • removable load platforms
  • new tubes + Panaracer Pasela tires

The original bike is a Trek Mountain Track 800. Exact frame size is unknown, but it fits me well at 5’ 10”.

It’s dusty and could eventually use a new chain and other parts, but I’ve cleaned and lubed it up and ridden it to work this week (20+ miles) with no problems. It was built up by a reputable bike shop back home in Texas, not some random yayhoo.

Asking $700. Located in Logan Square. You can PM me here or email


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