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I bought a pair of these:

but my bike has 27x1 1/4 wheels. Dono how I pulled that one off, but there we go. The tires have never been mounted to anything, never been ridden, and they've sat in my storage locker long enough that now I can't return them. So, will trade for a decent 6-pack, OBO.

Also, any recommendations on 27x1 1/4 tires for winter riding?

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I am interested in those if they are 85 psi...My guy here in BERWYN can give you a rec, and put you into some nice winter tires at a great price.... You can reach me at 630-915-1887

If they are higher psi and Bernard can't use them, I will trade you a very nice 6 pack for them. As for 27" recommendations, here's a link to those offered on Biketiresdirect:

Schwalbe Marathons would make a good winter tire.

I keep forgetting to check this thread, since there's no notifications on new replies...


The tires are marked 87 PSI max. Bernard, since you were first to reply, drop me an email, me at sud0 dot com. If I don't hear anything, Moc, I'll let you know.

I am good to go on the tires let me know eh,



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