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Visit as many of 369 hot dog stands Aug 19 - Oct 17, 2021.

Current leaders at 279, 197, 196 hot dog stands. 

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Vienna Beef Hot Dog Stand Challenge Contestant Has Eaten at 278 Hot Dog Stands in 4 Weeks

 September 20, 2021

Just last week a group of buddies got together to tackle a food challenge circulating around TikTok. They set out to devour 22 baskets containing 88 Texas Roadhouse Rolls in one sitting. If you got a secondhand food coma reading that, I’m not sure how to preface this other contender’s journey.

Man, stomach aches are the wurst! One woman probably learned that the hard way. In the span of just 4 weeks, a Vienna Beef Hot Dog Stand Challenge contestant has eaten at 278 hot dog stands. The kicker? The contestants are only halfway through the challenge with another 4 weeks to go. This is a story we think you’re gonna relish…

What You Need to Know About the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Stand Challenge

The beloved Vienna Beef wiener maker launched its first-ever Vienna Beef Hot Dog Stand Challenge in Chicago last month on August 19th. The rules? Chicagoans have 60 days to eat at as many of the 369 participating hot dog stands as they can for a chance at “hot dog greatness.” When the challenge wraps up on October 17th, only one will be crowned the Vienna Beef Top Dog.

What are they competing for anyway? Well, on top of achieving “fame, glory, and Chicago Style bragging rights,” the grand prize includes four tickets to exclusive VIP entertainment once a month for an entire year. More specifically, the challenge champion will get access to White Sox Scout Seats, Chicago Bears Box Seats, an exclusive Vienna Beef Factory tour, and more. If that’s not enough, they’re also adding merchandise, a gift card to Vienna Beef retailing at $1000, and a Top Dog trophy for the mantel.

Actually, the brand is rewarding several of the contestants– even those that don’t make it to first place. The 2nd-4th slots earn a catered hot dog party, a mini hot dog cart, a T-shirt, and a commemorative ribbon. “Neighborhood Mayor” titles remain up for grabs too for those contestants that visit particular stands the most. They’re even giving away prizes at random.

As it currently stands, the leaderboard includes over 3,000 contestants. Stephanie Esposito remains in the lead with 278 hot dog stand visits, with two sisters trailing closely behind. The 2nd and 3rd place contenders sit at 197 and 196 visits individually.

Esposito tells Chicago’s Block Club: “My deepest strategy is close and secret. I cannot share it on record or with any of them, because they’re my competition. I have an entire spreadsheet.” 

The Cause

In a news release, Vienna President Tim O’Brien talked about lifting up businesses hurt by the effects of the pandemic.

“Vienna Beef hopes this challenge delivers some lighthearted fun to our loyal customers, helps drive business to vendors, benefits restaurants and employees, and provides industry support after a challenging year and a half for restaurants.”

Vienna Beef also plans to donate a large portion of the proceeds to the Illinois Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Employee Relief Fund, which supports workers affected by the pandemic.

Can Esposito keep it up the next 4 weeks, or will someone ketchup? Stay tuned, Outsiders.

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While I LOVE the Chicago Dog (with Skyway Doghouse my all-time fave), THIS is what's wrong with America. It's just light-hearted fun -- like we need a "challenge" to consume MORE! And I just ponder the aftermath -- the bowel movements, as it were, to follow.



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