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The following list was the basis of a registration update I wrote for this upcoming event on Sunday September 12th, 2010. It can be viewed along with other news stories at the following URL:

  1. To raise money and awareness for Parkinson’s disease
  2. The opportunity to ride the fastest Century of your life
  3. There is no “Day-of-Ride” registration, so don’t miss out!
  4. Experience the closest thing to riding in a fast peloton outside of a professional stage race
  5. Ride with other cyclists with similar goals and capability
  6. Set and reach your summer riding goal of completing a Sub-5 Century
  7. Have your official course time recorded by John Vande Velde (of the movie, Breakaway, fame)
  8. The registration fee is fully deductible as a donation to the Paul Ruby Foundation
  9. The course even accommodates a recreational ride category
  10. Because living with Parkinson’s disease sucks and you can do something about it!

Feel free to add more reasons why one should consider participating in this ride's inaugural event. Eventually we may have one hundred reasons. One for each mile of the route. For more reasons feel free to visit the web site for the Paul Ruby Foundation, the organization that will benefit from the donations that are received.


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