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I saw this on the bottom of the home page here on theChainLink...

I always find it amusing to read the posts people leave to the ones that "got away". This one was unexpected,given the category...but then again, maybe not. :)

Click on image for large view.

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Glad to hear that you're doing well.  Wishing you a thorough recovery, hopefully with few or no lingering effects.  I'll second James' thoughts about the difference that thorough rehab can make.

where is the "LIKE" button on this site?!

Glad you are okay Casey! Amazing story!

When I wiped out on the North Branch Trail about a year ago, people stopped and were very kind.    In a strange way it was overall a good experience, including the ER.*  Glad Casey's seems to have gone in the same direction.  BTW Good advice above on exercising joints!

*in a small world situation I later did a CL trade of riding knickers with a guy who turned out to be the ER doc who'd treated me!


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