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To the "cyclist" who knocked my friend off her Divvy bike on the lakefront path.

She has a very large cuts on her face, her legs, she might have a concussion. Her nice dress and boots are ruined. She was shaken up pretty bad but she's determined to keep riding her bike dispite how nasty you were and blamed her.

And the first thing she said to you was "Are you okay?"


You make me embarrased to be a cyclist.


I know exactly who you are, burning ass down the trail like you own it. Agressively passing with a sense of entitlement. Too smug to bother to call out "on your left." I used to be just like you until I realized that the lake front path is not the place to train for a triathalon.


Slow the hell down and be nice to people!

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And anyone who disagrees is a jerk. ;)

Jason W said:

All I know is anyone who rides slower than me is an idiot, and anyone who rides faster than me is a maniac!


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