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To Shovel or Not?   I live next to a street with a bike lane.  After the recent storm I went out to shovel the sidewalk.  I always do this.    I saw that the City Plow had pushed snow and slush into the Bike Lane.  So I shoveled and salted the bike lane for the block.  A bicyclist riding down the lane stopped and yelled at me for doing this indicating that the bike lane was "safer" covered in Ice and Snow.   Uh... should I stop?   Its not that big a deal to shovel the bike lane for the block after a storm and the salt holds the ice down...

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My salt claims to be PET Safe.  I hit the sidewalk with salt real hard and now I'll hit the Bike Lanes harder as well.   Its a little bit of a losing venture as cars keep tracking the stuff back into the Bike lanes..

Sand is 1)cheaper, 2)better for the environment, 3)safe for pets, and 4) no more difficult to put out than salt.  We use sand around our house and on the public walk (after having shoveled of course).

Duppie 13.5185km said:

While it is OK to be concerned for the well being of pets, the safety of humans easily trumps any concern I may have. Therefore salting is part of my snow cleaning strategy.

Thanks for trying... ya can't please everybody! The bitchin guy was wrong... when that shit melts, it will crack up into unnavigable chunks, so you did da right ting.


I always shovel & salt if need be to clear ice.

Anne Alt said:


Duppie 13.5185km said:

You should have stopped just long enough to smack him in the head with your shovel. ;)

BTW, Thank you very much for being a good neighbor. Please continue your good work

No good deed goes unpunished.

Thanks.. Sounds like that rider needs a hug.



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