Keep being awesome.

Seriously, thank you for the inspiration. At first, it looked crazy. Then I was in awe. Finally, I thought I was crazy enough to try it.

I'm happy to report that instead of chickening out today, I rode!

I rode 9 miles from Ravenswood to Evanston via Damen / Glenwood / Greenview / Evanston Lakefront. I repeated the mantra of a Chicago winter: "There are no bad winters, merely poor choices in clothing."

So when you think that you're crazy for riding in this weather, please know that you may be someone's inspiration without even knowing it. By merely doing what you do every morning, it may nudge someone else to try the same thing. Before you know it, it has a multiplying effect.

In short, thank you.

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Congratulations!  Isn't it amazing how 9 degrees and 7 below wind chill can feel comfortable when wearing the correct clothing?

Good for you for deciding to go for it, and 9 miles, too! I have to admit I had no idea it was 11 degrees this morning and had nothing covering my face for my short 2.5 mile ride in. By the time I was at the corner of Dearborn and Lake, my face and fingertips were in pain, and when a pedestrian did a double take after seeing my skirt flapping around in the fridgid wind, it took all the acting skills I had to remain looking relaxed and happy to try to continue nudging others to join us. Maybe they won't join on an 11-degree day, but come spring...

T'was a brisk morning.

I rode to get my hair cut. The I rode in to work. I'll be riding home later as well. I ride everyday.

I love my bicycle.

If you wear enough wool and tech gear you can punch old man winter in his balls and keep riding.  Ride a lot in the winter, you will get used to the cold like anything else.  I get told this is warm compared to riding in Alaska.  Riding around here is a warm 12F-20F.  Alaska -15F-0F.  We have had it good.  Granted it takes me about 20 minutes to get dressed, another 15 minutes to prep the bike but I will be out riding for 5-7 hours were most people are stuck inside getting fat and bitching about how cold it is.  I work outside at night so you get imune to the cold and lack of heat.  Just think, no insects biting you and how good hot coffee and tea taste.  Another 3 weeks of winter or so mount up and get riding.

So true. I took a short couple mile ride today and I didn't even go through a warming up phase. Felt nothing like 21 degrees. The whole time I'm thinking how glad I was it's not summer - did not break a sweat.

All I had on top was a cotton t-shirt, long sleeve wool/poly blend shirt, a Windstopper vest and hooded fleece and I could hardly feel a thing.

It's taken me like 2 years to get the gear bought and figured out and to figure out what to wear in specific temps, but it's been worth it to know that I'll be riding every winter now and enjoying it too.

Jim "Niterider" said:

If you wear enough wool and tech gear you can punch old man winter in his balls and keep riding. 

Deep freeze bike winter is the best cycling season. Riding hard and not building up a massive sweat.


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