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After failling to keep up with some power riders this weekend, I'd like to work on picking up my pace a bit.  Currently I can hold 15-18mph on a long ride pretty well, but its tough for my to hold anything faster for more than a short period of time (with lights/stops/etc my average comes out around 13 or 14 mph).  I feel like riding with the faster groups is just out of my reach right now, and I'd like to be able to complete long rides in less time.  

I'm starting some shorter interval training on weekdays to add up some intensity on shorter rides.  Any tips on the best interval training techniques or things that have worked for riders who have gaining speed? 

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Pedal faster.

You saw that one coming, didn't you?

This happens to all of us, there is ALWAYS a faster, stronger group

A couple of tips

When coming to a stop or light shift to an easier gear, just like you would in a car with a manual transmission.... you save energy and this adds up

Stay protected from the wind. This means staying behind the cyclist in front of you (anything more then a wheel apart and your working harder then needed) It can also mean staying on the side of the group that is protected by crosswinds.

While closing gaps is important, close them at a steady speed, if you push hard to close a gap you will probably come up on the group too fast and have to brake.

Once you are in the draft of the group, keep your pedals moving, even if you are not putting any pressure on them. it will be easier to accelerate when the riders in front do so.

Try and match the cadence of the riders in front of you.. if your spinning at 90 rpm and they are at 75 you will peter out before them, this also happens in the reverse.

Try and watch 2-3 riders ahead, this helps you adjust your speed sooner with less effort

Make sure your bike is in it's top working condition, properly inflated tires, and all accessories that will not be needed are removed to help with weight.

Lastly, it is easier near the front of the group instead of the back,

Come try a Monday night CCC ride, I will do my best to help you along

Liz, let's go together.

Michael - Will there be a ride next Monday night even though its the holiday?

Michael A said:

Come try a Monday night CCC ride, I will do my best to help you along

Thanks for the tips on matching cadence, I think that did me in a lot on Saturday.  Cadence and keeping a uniform spin are things that I am starting to think more about.

I'll try to make it to the June 4th CCC ride. 


-and in a higher gear!

Duppie said:

Pedal faster.

You saw that one coming, didn't you?


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