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This is a popular destination/stop for many riders. They now require you to park your bike at the bike racks right next to the road at the entrance to the parking lot. This is completely out of view from the restaurant (separated by the entire parking lot). Bring enough locks to secure your bike or simply chose not to do business with them anymore. The patio is closed this time of year and they won't allow bike parking there or in the side yard. They should take a lesson from other brewpubs and have parking right in front of the building. 

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As I mentioned earlier, I do think there's a difference between less social/less friendly and bad customer service so while you enjoy the place and haven't experienced the same customer service-related frustrations (nothing to do with being friendly or not being friendly), it doesn't mean we've all had the same experience. And I agree with you - we vote with our wallets. I prefer to go to places that will feed me if they sell food and not make me wait hours to do it.

So, I hardly expect that things need to fit within what I want. But if I don't like it, I'll say so. I can be as anti-social as anyone you'd like to meet. But I don't find the need to defend 3 Floyds. And I don't dig the Wiener Circle shtick either. And I never waited an hour or more for a Hot Dog. That's how I roll. What's it to ya?

I think the answer to this varies by location. People seem genuinely thrilled to be insulted at the Wiener Circle. People do not seem thrilled when what they want is be treated like a human being, but an employee has decided they don't like the look of you, or your perceived lifestyle, etc., and provides sub-standard service.

I remember when the Three Floyd's guys were still building their brand and they used to come and bring their beers by the trunk load to Chicago bars. The pretentiousness and overall crappy service was quite a shock when I finally got around to biking to the Munster location a few years ago. I won't be going back.

Yeah, I've heard a thing or three about the 3F attitude from couple of barkeeps in Chicago...

And I just started to think that maybe, hopefully, the FFF is changing for the better... Oh, well, there are a lot of better breweries to ride to.

just heard about this thread. i agree, boycott the a-holes!

then the lines will be shorter for those of us who enjoy the seventh-best brewery in the world and the food which like the beer is unapologetically in your face with flavor. :-)

Forgot my lock yesterday. Thought I could have a quick beer on patio with bike leaning near there. Nope! Fire code requires entire area in or outside patio to be bike-free I was told. Got to use racks out by road.  Plus patio was closed, no beers allowed despite 63°F temps.  I pedaled on south 4 mi. to Windmill Brewing.

Regardless, NICE Black Lightning!

Thanks!  You know your 29 yo bikes! LOL


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