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Capitalism is the Driving force behind Automobiles 

Major transformation. Outside the box thinking is not 10% improvement. This is a very common motif. Instead, let's think about 10x improvement! This is when major change occurs.

Some ideas.

Convert 4/5 streets to bike-pedestrian only. At intersections with automobile, create bike-lane bridges to cross over automobile traffic. Need to create solutions to deal with parking, package delivery, garbage trucks, moving trucks, emergency vehicles, etc.

Convert major 4-6 lane thoroughfares to two-lane with two to four lanes of bike and pedestrian.

Covered and heated bike lanes for 24/7/365 commuting, removable covering for nice weather.

At least one dedicated (i.e., same as the 606) north-south cross-city bike lane every eight city blocks. (Note that by dedicated, the concept is same as the 606 and lakefront trail, i.e., complete separated from automobile traffic - although lakefront does occasionally meet automobiles at intersections.)

Completely separate cars and bikes, cars and pedestrians.

Downsize all cars to mini-EVs or even mini grid-connected vehicles.

Limit speed limits to 15mph.

Any thoughts on this? Let's get the conversation started.

One quick story. A friend is doing a study on noise and sound pollution and how it is not only damaging to long-term health but also is disorienting in the short-term! What does this lead to in terms of biking? With this in mind, for the past month I have been transitioning from major thoroughfares to back-roads for my 7.5 mile daily city commute. This has been a lot of fun! (In fact, I've had a long-term mantra of taking the "road least traveled" in many aspects of my life.) The reduction in noise and exhaust pollution is incredible, not to mention a feeling of less stress. Speaking for the northeast area, for example, a few roads with bike lanes that are also major thoroughfares are of course Milwaukee, Clybourn, Elston, Damen. Shared bike lanes with big roads are super-important for safety. But in reality, a quiet lane to oneself really great! Is it 10x better? It means mostly missing diagonals, such as Lincoln, Milwaukee, Clybourn, Elston. But on a 50-minute ride it only adds about 5-10 minutes in total, with mileage increasing from 7.5 to between only 8.5 and 9.5. What are your thoughts on backroads versus major thoroughfares?

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"We've appeased non-smokers... Now, let's appease non-drivers! Divide cities into two sections: Driving and Non-Driving."

"Figure 8.8 Divide cities into two sections: Driving and non-driving. Source: Andy Singer ("



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