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You blew the red light east bound on Lawrence at Damen at 5:26 pm this evening.


There was enough time for the biker in front of me to make it half way into the intersection, northbound on Damen, before you came whizzing past my front wheel.


I yelled "You're an idiot!" at your big haired chick, self, and you looked back at me. I meant it!


I woulda testified for any of the cars, that managed to not kill you, if they had.


Keep riding like a tard!




Witness bad behavior during your commute? Feel free to post. Maybe that lovely human can read it and think they are famous. Maybe you can also inspire the whole generation of kids to shower but we can start with small things.

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That feeling you get when a dude comfortably chilln on a skateboard passes you going up a "hill"... that makes you question your mode of transportation. :)

To the genius in the Audi on Dearborn this morning, you were doing a stellar job of driving while talking on the phone when you almost hit the Divvy rider in the bike lane.  Even better when you almost hit me (walking on the sidewalk) right after you almost hit the Divvy rider. Hang up and drive!

That nitwit is lucky you didn't just plow into him/her. How is it possible the pinhead "didn't see" you? Easy: he/she didn't LQQK! Good thing you weren't a car.


Andy Moss 9.5 said:

You:  said sorry, said (incredibly) "I didn't see you" (how is that possible), and you jogged across the street (presumably to Union Station) while I lay there in a puddle.

To the cyclist biking down Damen this morning around 6 am in shorts and a short sleeve t-shirt, brrrrr.  I hope you weren't going very far.

"I didn't see you" is an indictment, not an excuse.

There may not be a lot that scares me anymore, but idiots driving in the usual idiotic fashion around a tanker truck full of liquid oxygen sure does!

You are so right.  I basically just assume that everyone is trying to run me over all the time.

Lisa Curcio 4.1mi said:

To the truck eastbound on Kinzie that passed me approaching Wells and then turned right in front of me, thanks for reminding of the overriding principle of life--especially riding a bike--that one should expect someone to do something stupid every single second.  Saved me again!

You parked your rusty blue Schwinn Delmar at the only U-rack in front of the main entrance to 203 N. LaSalle about 2 weeks ago.  It's still there.


I know this because I commute to that address at odd hours at least 5 days per week.  Lots of other tenants commute through the winter, not to mention all of the deliveries by bicycle to the countless offices in that building every day.


On behalf of all of those people, please don't use that space for long-term storage.  In a pinch, we can occasionally fit 3 road bikes on that rack but, with your big bike permanently attached, it's a stuggle to lock even one.

Ya'll - herd of deer

Me - lit up landing airplane (metaphorically, I have a lot of lights)

I realize I was in your turf, but running at me from across a snow covered field and running into the parking lot I was using was rude.....and scary.  Please don't do that and I'll continue to just cut through the woods and leaving ya'll be.

Cigarette smoking, no handed rider going about 18mph this AM on MKE:

Slow clap: you are clearly the coolest cyclist in this city.

Why don't you just ride faster and get where you are going so you can take a minute to enjoy your cigarette? You were huffing so hard when stopped at Grand you couldn't inhale a single puff - that's just burning money.

For a guy trying so hard to look like you are not trying at all - at least go all the way. Drop the helmet, get a poof-ball stocking cap and turn that SS into a sweet fixay. That way even more people will look at you not trying to stand out...

whats wrong with poof- ball stocking hats? I thought the cousin eddy hats were the in thing now?

Chainlink lurker here.  First post.  I had to throw out a compliment to Tandemonium.  I read your post from the 19th on the hipster smoking and riding fast, and almost lost a mouthful of coffee on my computer.  Good stuff.  Well done.


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