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I ran into this on the LFT this morning.  It takes some skill to manage to get the car there.  The question is how long is it going to take the parks district to get the car off the path given that the front passenger wheel has a broken axle and the pinch points are too narrow to get a tow truck to the car.

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Now that's what I'm talkin' about ! Hmmm !

Now I've got that crappy song stuck in my head and I know it's going to come back again every time I bike over that section of the trail, probably for the next few weeks, at least. Thanks S and Aaron, just thanks....

Yeah, I passed this car shortly before 11 a.m., the towing guys by then managed to pull the car just north of the moving part of the bridge. I was curious how it got there ;)

They gave up LSD for lent


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