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PR pro(literally)tips:

1) The public is not on message boards and cannot be reached through social media unless you have a surprisingly large sum of money.

2) Plain English was good enough for the translators of the KJV and Thomas Jefferson. I guarantee that you can use it to express your profound ideas.

ok, so now this is not spam ?
Sounds like some sort of weirdo cult like scientology...
Certain folks ream this fellow a new 'seat post hole' then start trying to act all friendly and polite when they finally do get an email back with some useful content. I thought it was supposed to work the other way around. What am I really missing here except the energy to feed off of it because I can't think of anyway more useful to spend my time. What about that spam post from Cozy ? Don't get all bent out of shape, I am not talking about you.
Better to get your seattube reamed than your Bottom Bracket ripped out.

so two ellipses walk into a bar (hey, it could happen!)


anyway one sez to the other one "( x 2 / a 2 ) + ( y 2 / b 2 ) = 1. If a  = b..."

and the other one interrupts with "you're talking in circles"

420 is coming up = pie day
Was there something about this email that forbade it being posted as a post? It seems every probe for information requires divulging contact information and as an internet old fart I'm stingy with that.
Sounds like raw milk people to me.  Or maybe something similar.  Those guys need to really stay under the radar or the fascists come down HARD on them...


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