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I've wanted to start this thread so many times this year. . . there have been so many beautiful, glorious days this year and each time I think "this is probably the last really beautiful day" and then another comes along.  Take yesterday morning-- what a wonderful combination of warm moist air and all the smells of autumn.

Bouncing this thread to the top heretoforth will be considered a declaration that said bouncer considers the day upon which the bouncing occurs to be the most beautiful day of the year.


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Was thinking the same thing this morning. Had to stop and take it in even though I was running late. Finally getting some action at my recently acquired bird feeders as well.

First sign of changing colors in Douglas Park just today.

WOW ! . . . A whole week of this weather !

summar iz ovah ! ! !

Autumn IS the most beautiful time of the year ! . . . Yo 'R' !

You could not be more right.

Oh my, how nice it was today. I took this pic at Osterman Beach this evening. I rode my bike home from work and just hung out there until the sun set. Gorgeous weather. Late summer / early fall is my favorite time of the year.  

Yes, sir!  There's something about the angle of lighting in autumn that enhances the saturation of colors.  Vision seems more precise.  The views seem more dramatic and thoughts a little bit more melancholic.  

We've had some great late season weather.

WOW, nice photo's. #2 my fav

Holy mother of

Nicest commute of the year. Feeling optimistic!

First short sleeved ride of the year! It's a good sign



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