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Good documentary from WQED Pittsburgh on the GAP-C&O Trail.  You can watch on their web site until 3?31

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Thanks!  It Was A Great Ride!  Take Care!  See You Down The Trail! . . .

This is great!  I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and did the GAP + C&O trip from Pittsburgh to DC the summer of 2012 after I graduated, before moving to Chicago.  All the way from Point State Park in PGH to the Capitol steps in DC.

It was a great ride and I'm excited to watch this documentary (WQED is great BTW).  Did it in 6 days, about 45-65 miles depending on day, solo and camped 4 of the 5 nights on the trail.  Would definitely do it again, especially since they've fully completed the 'connector' portion around the river in Pittsburgh - was previously some eminent domain issues with a steel mill I think, who owned the right of way for 2 miles along the river which made for a tricky detour.

GAP trail is amazing.  C&O trail I found kind of bumpy and 'rustic' but were some really cool spots along that trail, like Harpers Ferry.

Agreed. It's a great ride. I did it in five days. One of the most fun bike trips I've done. :)

This has been on my To-Do list ever since I rode from Shepardstown, WV to DC one day back in August of 2014.

Thanks for the reminder. I was waiting for this to get posted. I liked everything except that they went in the wrong direction...

It's super-easy from Chicago thanks to the route and timing of the Capital Limited. Overnight to Pittsburgh (okay, it arrives at 5AM), and overnight back from DC arriving at Union Station around nine-thirty or so.



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