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The Craig's List Ad section revisited...classic...clever.....outlandish....Elgin guy....tiring and so forth.

This one caught my eye, and yes Howard, I think this merits re-discussing.

First the link:

And since it will probably be flagged soon, here is the text:

RE: Re: Re: Re:::::: (Thunderdome)

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-03-07, 10:48PM CST

There is ONLY ONE way to SETTLE THIS!

All "RE" posts can now sign up for CRAIGSLIST DEATH MATCH. Each week I will be hosting a fight to the death, no holds barred, grudge match--- pitching bitching opponents against each other to settle their disputes the good old fashioned way-in public-in person.

Bring your spell check, bring your sense of hipster entitlement, bring your tight jeans and disapproving stare, bring your seat posts as weapons! Most of all, BRING IT ON!!!

No longer do you have to fight for clever ironic virtual dominance! If you don't like his price-BASH HIM ONE! If you think he's selling imperfect wheelsets-STEAMROLL HIM! It's down and dirty weasel vs. wussy!

Craigslisters submit your favourite annoying Re-posting whiners by Thursday of each week, and on Friday night we can ride our bikes to a selected location to cheer on your selected cheerless rivals.

Two will enter, one will leave.

Location: Thunderdome
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Has anyone dealt with "Ben" of "Ben's Basement"? He seems to have a lot of decent bikes for very cheap prices, too good to be true? 

I present to you:

Ad 1:


Ad 2:

Things wrong:

1. Ad 1 has "need money to pay bills", Ad 2 has "to go visit brother in California".

2. The two pictures in Ad 1 don't reconcile. One is of a vintage road bike, while the other is obviously a mountain bike/Hybrid.

3. Has 2 completely different prices ($250 and $500)

4. Yet, lets us know he knows how much this bike is worth.

5. Seller is talking up bike to "enthusiasts" in Ad 1. What is the definition of "enthusiasts" here? One who likes to ride a mid-to-late 2000s cheap hybrid/mountain bike?

6. Overposting. Both Ads are posted on the same date to the Northwest Suburbs.

Am I missing anything else?

My favorite word - "custom".

The link:

Also found at:

Granted, adding a headlight and a taillight is customizing a bike out of the box, but I hardly think that it qualifies the bike as being "custom". If that is all it takes then I have a room full of "custom" bikes, some more so than others. For the $345 premium the seller is asking I hope those lights run on Unobtanium!

I bought one of those bikes for my winter bomber, and my experience with it was that the front (metal) fender needed to be modified for the front brake to do anything more than suggesting it will make contact with the rim when needed. Perhaps that's why the seller "drove" it once. On a dry summer day.

Jump at that deal!  There have to be dozens of miles left in those rims!

Moc Artsy said:

Looks like the clowns at 5600 N Western are back:

Though, it appears they may have learned their lessons about posting stolen inventory on craigslist and keyword bombing their posts.  However, they have been absent for a few months it seems.  


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